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The Queen’s Sales Association is the premiere sales association for undergraduate business students in Canada that connects Queen’s students with the top companies in the sales industry. Founded in 2016, the Queen’s Sales Association is committed to raising awareness of the sales profession through offering members with the highest quality resources to give them a competitive edge in the ever evolving world of sales.


Through offering educational and professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, speakers, networking events and office tours, the Queen’s Sales Association strives to be the principle vehicle to develop sales knowledge and skills across campus. With corporate partners such as Shopify, Kraft-Heinz, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment and Proctor & Gamble, we are building a network of highly renowned firms, all while working to prepare students for a career in this dynamic industry. 


Our mission is to educate students about the sales industry, present them with career opportunities, and develop their ability to sell themselves, products and ideas. 

OUR team

The QSA team is comprised of high energy individuals that share a passion for the sales industry.


QSA offers workshops, speakers, networking events, and office visits to provide first hand insight on the sales industry.


QSA seeks sponsors that share the same commitment to educating and developing the salespeople of tomorrow.

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