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Sales Speed Networking Day: What Companies are Coming?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

QSA is beyond excited to announce that Air Canada, IBM, Vena Solutions, Vision Critical and FreshBooks will be joining us at our Sales Speed Networking Day in Toronto on November 15.

1. Air Canada

Air Canada is Canada's largest airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian and international market to and from Canada. In 2017, Air Canada, together with its Air Canada Express regional partners, carried over 48 million passengers, offering direct passenger service to 207 destinations across six continents. (

Industry: Airline industry

# of Employees: 42,000

Offices: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa

Opportunities: Summer internships

2. IBM

IBM is a multinational information technology company that manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM is also a major research organization, with inventions including the ATM, hard disk drives and magnetic stripe cards. IBM operates in 170 countries and hosts the Future Blue Program, working towards enriching the summer internship experience. (

Industry: Information Technology

# of Employees: 380,000

Offices: Toronto, Markham, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Burnaby,

Opportunities: Summer internships (

3. Vena Solutions

Vena Solutions offers an intuitive budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting software for medium to large sized organizations. Vena transformed Microsoft Excel into an award winning enterprise class business solution and is trusted by leading brands including Deloitte, Brookfield, Home Trust and Bardel Entertainment.(

Industry: Software Development

# of Employees: 250

Offices: Toronto

Opportunities: Summer internships

4. Vision Critical

Vision Critical offers a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that allows companies to build engaged, secure communities of customers. Its products are engineered with relationship memory features to gather customer intelligence and create dynamic customer profiles allowing more customer centric decisions with high ROI to be made. Vision Critical works with clients including Buzzfeed, LinkedIn and Aurora Health Care. (

Industry: Customer Intelligence Software

# of Employees: 500

Offices: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa

Opportunities: Summer internships

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting software package that offers cloud-based accounting applications that manage and pay bills, and payroll function. These products are geared towards small-sized businesses, and automates tasks like invoicing, organizing expenses, managing receipts and tracking time. (

Industry: Software Development

# of Employees: 248

Offices: Toronto

Opportunities: Summer internships


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