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A Guide to Being a QSA Member

QSA is excited to welcome all of our members. We cannot wait to present you with opportunities to expand your knowledge of the sales industry and develop your ability to sell, all while connecting you with a group of like-minded individuals. We have a lineup of networking events and workshops specifically tailored towards preparing you for the world of sales. Here’s a few tips to ensure you capitalize on this experience!

1. Attend Events

The greatest value is derived from attending all of our events. Between the networking events and workshops, this is where you will have the greatest opportunity to connect with individuals from the industry and develop your sales skills. We have a lot of exciting events in store, with the next one being a speed networking day in Toronto that you definitely do not want to miss out on!

2. Be Engaged

Showing up to events is one thing, but being fully engaged will result in a much more enriched membership experience. As a result, we encourage that you ask questions at speaker panels and actively participate in our workshops.

3. Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to reach out to QSA executive members if you have any questions, or want to get more information regarding events or the industry in general. Coffee chats can be arranged with executive members that have had internships in sales positions, as they can offer valuable insight on the industry as well as share information specific to their experiences.

4. Interact with Members

Some of the most valuable learning comes from interacting amongst peers, so we want our members to be friendly faces to one another. To kick this off, QSA plans on hosting a membership social (date TBD) where everyone can meet and socialize in a relaxed setting!


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