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why become a QSA member?

Are you interested in developing your communication skills? Looking for career opportunities within the sales industry? Craving to interact with like-minded individuals? The Queen's Sales Association is excited to introduce our 2019-2020 Membership Program. Our mission is to provide students with the resources needed to develop their sales skills, all while providing them exclusive opportunities within the industry. We want our members to gain a core understanding of the sales industry and become inspired by our offerings. QSA is a fresh and innovative team looking for motivated and forward-thinking individuals to join our membership program.

priority event placement

QSA Members will be granted priority access to upcoming events and will enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with industry professionals. Members will also be the first to know about all sales recruitment opportunities along with other additional benefits.

Mentorship program

Mentorship program

In second semester, outstanding members will be provided the opportunity to be mentored by an industry professional. Through this relationship, they will be provided with valuable insights, advice, and support. This new initiative will help passionate students understand and kickstart their network within the industry.


Our goal is to promote personal development and provide members with exclusive career opportunities, preparing each member for success beyond Queen's. With this in mind, we ensure QSA members will have their updated resumes included in our Executive folder for unique recruitment purposes. Recruiters and top sales representatives will have easy acess to all member resumes and may use them for potential internship opportunities.

Resource Hub

QSA members will gain exclusive access to our QSA Membership Facebook Page, which will include:

  • Upcoming Sales Events

  • Sales Tips and Tricks

  • Frequent Industry Updates (Including New Sales Articles, Quick Reads, etc.)

  • Blog Posts Written by QSA Members

  • Exclusive Job Opportunities

  • Unique Video Content (Including Forums, ‘How to Seminars’, etc.)

  • Podcast links

Our Membership Facebook page will serve as a personal resource hub for members!

social events

Members will gain priority access to QSA Social Events.  They will be able to network with the 2018 QSA Executive Team and other like-minded individuals with a passion for sales from a variety of graduating years and programs.


Our goal is to enable all QSA members to build and develop the skills necessary to mastering the art of sales.  Members will learn how to effectively negotiate, present and formulate a sales pitch while simultaneously building strong relationships and ultimately mastering how to close a deal.

What do you say? Did we sell you on membership?

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